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Read more in the STN User Documentation Table 1. Canadian Patent Document Kind Codes Kind Code Document Type Note A Patent Prior to Oct. 1, 1989 A Laid-open application Oct. 1, 1989-present B Reissue patent Prior to Oct. 1, 1989 C Patent Oct. 1989-present E Reissue patent Oct. 1989-present F Certificate for reexamined patent Of course, patents get issued with a kind-of-document code, but I've never seen a patent document with a one-letter code next to the application or priority application serial number, and I kind of wonder whether these codes could be providing information we're not getting from the kind-of-document code. INPADOC kind codes. Click here for a table containing the different codes used for the different publication levels in the countries covered..

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12 Kind codes and Document Types A: Published patent application, and Japanese translation of PCT international application; B: Examined patent application publication; Search and read the full text of patents from around the world with Google Patents, and find prior art in our index of non-patent literature. Patente de Importation (Patent of importation) A5: Patent de Invencion (Fictive 2nd Publication) A6: Patente de Invencion (1986 Law: Patent of invention without search report) A9: Corrected complete patent application: B1: Patente de Grant (Patent published with search report) B2: Patent de Grant (Patent published after examination without search report) B9 de 8340 p - patent of addition ceased/non-payment of fee of main patent may 1997 pdf. de 8350 p - ceased/non-payment of application fee may 1997 pdf. de 8360 p - ceased/inventor not named may 1997 de 8361 p - notification of grant revoked may 1997 pdf.

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You do not need to enter the standard kind codes A, B or C, as these types of document are automatically retrieved.. To retrieve other documents such as utility models or reissued patents from certain countries, enter the appropriate kind code at the end of the application number, e.g.

Whether you are planning an application yourself, looking for technical solutions to specific problems, require information about a particular business's patent portfolio, want to avoid breaching third-party IP rights, or have other queries - the DPMA databases allow you to search for patents, utility models, trade marks, and designs online free of charge: Kind Code of Japanese Industrial Property Documents Stored at JPO Japanese patent system is very complicated, which has at least 12 kind of documents, and 5 numbering systems. 12 Kind codes and Document Types A: Published patent application, and Japanese translation of PCT international application; B: Examined patent application publication; Patent Office Details Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO) The dti campus (Block F - Entfutfukweni) 77 Meintjies Street Sunnyside Pretoria South Africa Web: Official gazette: Official Journal of Patents Kinds of Protection Patents of Invention Granted for a term of 20 years from submission date The USPTO introduced new patent document kind codes, shown in Table 1, on January 2, 2001. Codes used prior to 2001 are shown Table 2. Patent offices use kind codes, which are defined under WIPO Standard ST.16, to distinguish between different types of patent documents. 901.04(a) Kind Codes [R-08.2017] On January 2, 2001, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) began printing the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Standard ST.16 code on each of its published patent documents.
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The term of a patent filed before 1 January 1978 is 18 years. The term of a patent filed after 1 January 1978 is 20 years. see related codes DE P B1, DE P B2 Patent Kind Codes by Country – Page 2 Patent) AE Settled or rectified Text and search report (20 year Patent) AF Text with modified claims and search report (20 year Patent) AG Originally filed Text (6 year Patent) AH Settled or rectified Text (6 year Patent) BF Correction: 20 year Patent instead of 6 year Patent Patent kind codes denoting publication level and the kind of document (e.g. U) are important for statistical purposes because they allows for the identification of duplicates and, depending on the purpose of the analysis, the removal of unwanted data types (such as Utility models, design patents and plant patents) or the isolation of specific types of document.

EP-A documents: European patent applications, published 18 months after filing with the EPO or  21 Jan 2021 Kind code. A: publication of patent application.
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The number and/or letter are collectively known as kind codes. The kind code associated with a published patent document describes the type of document and the stage of prosecution when the document was published. U.S. patent documents are identified by a number (shown on the face of the document) that includes the following three elements: KIND CODE PK PC Country INPADOCDB INPADOC Type of document Comments (DOCDB codes) old CA A A A1 A1 A2 A2 B B < 1275151 C A1 Patent 1275150 - 2000000 C2 A2 1275150 - 2000000 E B 1275150 - 2000000 F 1275150 - 2000000 A1 AA > 2000000 C C Patent > 2000000 E B > 2000000 F > 2000000 ^ kind codes did not appear on the face of patents. Europe. Europe follows WIPO standard ST.50 for corrections. Since 1984 it has been possible to oppose patents on which the secrecy has been waived.